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Ideal Woman

I’ve surf that idealwoman site,
And I can’t describe my feeling.
There’s a hit in so many things,
From ideas of a fling to the souls.

People on this earth are so different;
The intelligent would not often howl,
The arrogant pretends that they know,
The shallow pretends to be profound.

By filtering a flock of narcissists,
All those hits are just to astound
me by the extent of the crowd,
Who’re too proud to care their love ones.

Decent ones often have their job &
They cannot hop on beach for couple months.
A person who does enjoy the sun
A month without work sounds worrying

In how they experienced walk of life
As their sights are fixed at the shining
side of life, live up to their own things.
They cannot taking care of mother earth.

It’s quite an experiment I would say.
Though I may not fit for the search.
But I’ll play along this expert,
If AI can search back some response.

I like the idea of personal site,
The archive of the ‘me’ collection
And those who want to search for the one
Will have fun sifting through their ideals.

Noble women have their dignity
If they have free spirit & near ideal,
How can we help them find the cure
And set free pure love for their souls.

Perhaps they won’t google for their love
And serves their pictures to strangers
There’re only those gold diggers
Who whispers their love just from flat files.