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Designing & Sewing future

When I was a young girl I wondered,
How Singer machine can neatly
Help my Mom sew zillion of artistry-
Tailor made and fancy wedding gown.
She was a professional dress maker,
Designer of her own fashion.
How pity she’s in heaven for one,
Life was stunt I’ve never get to sew.
That time I was only eleven
It happened like a flash of memory
I grew up a humble & tiny
Tailor-made drug design researcher.
Machines at present day are very wise.
Poem like this one, can it weave?
I was told AI will replicize
Till human like I will be defeated.




Specificity and Selectivity

I’m testing the page by uploading this powerpoint slides Multi-target design that I made in 2009.

Here is a Multi-target Design as a Powerpoint file for visitors to download.

Much easier is this Link here,  Multi-target Design, at SlideBoom. It is better for viewing on the internet.

Of course, I did not make it for my public talk as my good old friend once gave me a comment after enjoying a good laugh at it. He said “You will regret it, Wi”. So I chuck this out from the summer seminar slides that term.

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Let’s see how it goes…