Bridge of sigh

Sighing right by the bridge
My mission was completed
All talks were well succeeded
People greet me with honours.

But life before now was cruel
I am a fool of my own mirror
Deep down I feel sour
Those hours of emptied life.

Dukkha and anatta
Shiva, when I have cried
Till tears dried inside my eyes
But tried to smile to the crowd

Living my life to excess
Stressed my soul in and out
Till the day I was about
Have to leave this body alive

Haunting me until now
When I am about to fight
The tears in the back of my eyes
Remind me of the failure

That fame is empty without me
Those tasks will be taken
Those money will be spend
Those hidden treasure will disappear

When I was no longer me
My parent who I see in tears
My body looked peculiar
My fear reached its new high.

The pain cannot be cured
My pure soul was burnt alive
Though reborn after it died
I can’t uncry those tears.

It’s absorbed into my blood
And flush up when I gear
Towards a new height that I fear
My tear of being buried alive.

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Ideal Woman

I’ve surf that idealwoman site,
And I can’t describe my feeling.
There’s a hit in so many things,
From ideas of a fling to the souls.

People on this earth are so different;
The intelligent would not often howl,
The arrogant pretends that they know,
The shallow pretends to be profound.

By filtering a flock of narcissists,
All those hits are just to astound
me by the extent of the crowd,
Who’re too proud to care their love ones.

Decent ones often have their job &
They cannot hop on beach for couple months.
A person who does enjoy the sun
A month without work sounds worrying

In how they experienced walk of life
As their sights are fixed at the shining
side of life, live up to their own things.
They cannot taking care of mother earth.

It’s quite an experiment I would say.
Though I may not fit for the search.
But I’ll play along this expert,
If AI can search back some response.

I like the idea of personal site,
The archive of the ‘me’ collection
And those who want to search for the one
Will have fun sifting through their ideals.

Noble women have their dignity
If they have free spirit & near ideal,
How can we help them find the cure
And set free pure love for their souls.

Perhaps they won’t google for their love
And serves their pictures to strangers
There’re only those gold diggers
Who whispers their love just from flat files.

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Old Book Chemistry

Digging through old books from the shelf,
Discovered thyself memory.
Old books have some chemistry
From primary school back then.

I dreamt to reach the star
Thus far seems out of my fence.
My imaginary abstinence
Has happened from so many things.

Out of my familiar zone,
On a few smart phones and my bench,
Distraction that I have befriended
Suck persistence out from my soul.

Is this called a burn out–
When we’re aroused by nothingness?
Should not that be a bless
To access window of the life,

When fire inside was absent
When we don’t want to fight
When mountain seems so high
&Simple life is my medal.


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Photo Filter

New floral filter on App Looks
It took pictures so pretty
That’s only in my fantasies,
The real me looks nothing like it’s shown.
Today I feel so exhausted
I paused to play with deceiver
And it lies that I am young forever
What matter was a girl hidden inside
Wrinkles and dark circles around eyes
Freckles got from sunshine every morning
Tears of joy, marks from smile and frowning
Causing this poor thing to get old.
Is it matter how she looks like
If she’s nice and kind as ever.
Some say that it does not matter
So please smile to her when we see.
Baby days so frequent at the peak,
People seek and hide smiling
At forty life got interesting,
But smiling was something a bit rare,
As it seems hidden with what’s inside.
So people don’t smile frequently
Therein hidden unsung story
So pity most are not to be told
To people around from outside
And all kinds of those stranger
Busy life goes by forever
The closer circle was so small.
Till one day the muscles were numb
One only feel handsome on selfie
An unpurposeful smile becomes cheesy
Whilst it used to be best medicine.


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Intanon Starry Night & Sunrise by Andaman


I learn how to paint acrylic painting after work on Friday. The effects of the sunrise and the beach can be seen if you look at it when your eyes are half closed. So there is a combination of Andaman beach, the two pagodas at Intanon, and the night sky. The class was aimed for Intanon and Galaxy, but somehow pictures in my mind is clearer for the beach and the sunrise sky. There is so much going on in the mind of this artist and the picture tell it all. So here it goes, a mixing of both. ILMAO!

Welcome you to Intanon’s Starry night,

On sunrise and sunset are stunning.

Andaman Beaches are enlightening

inviting you all come to Thailand.

Mountain high in the north of Chiang Mai,

There’re two thai pagoda’s monument.

Down south, there’s emarald ocean,

Please come enjoy the Land of Smiles.


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Designing & Sewing future

When I was a young girl I wondered,
How Singer machine can neatly
Help my Mom sew zillion of artistry-
Tailor made and fancy wedding gown.
She was a professional dress maker,
Designer of her own fashion.
How pity she’s in heaven for one,
Life was stunt I’ve never get to sew.
That time I was only eleven
It happened like a flash of memory
I grew up a humble & tiny
Tailor-made drug design researcher.
Machines at present day are very wise.
Poem like this one, can it weave?
I was told AI will replicize
Till human like I will be defeated.